A B O U T   U S


Tango Festival Doha

Started in 2012 by Anil Kumar Gunti.

Small TANGO Festival to create tango community turned out bigger and bigger year by year with the help of amazing lovely Tango community in Doha, after organizing 6 years of TANGO festivals with lot of unforgettable memories Bringing you the best of Tango again in Doha, 7th Edition of Festival will bring more smiles and lot of Fun & Tango learning to our local tango community this year.

Don’t miss to be part of unlimited fun at Tango Festival Doha 7th Edition this year.

Al Jawhara Ballroom

Thursday to Saturday
Oct 31 to Nov 2, 2019


Previous Events & Community

6 Artist

Orchestra & DJ

300+ Guests

3 Days Event