Lorena Goldstein & Cristian Gallardo

The best Tango dancers of all-time

Lorena Goldstein

Lorena Goldstein & Cristian Gallardo are currently directors of The Tango Show “El Viejo Almacen” They are the main dancers of the “Tango Buenos Aires” for the royal Caribbean international Cruz company, with production of Mario & Daniel Celario. Lorena Goldstein is the first dancer of the Estela Raval Show and the Five Latinos, Roberto Herrera Company that with his their show Tango De Buenos aired made tours in Italy Switzerland Germany and all other European Countries

Cristian Gallardo

Cristian Gallardo Since 2008 he is a star dancer, together with Lorena Goldstein, of the show "Tango Buenos Aires" on the cruises of the Royal Caribbean International company traveling through northern Europe, Central America and U.S; Tango Metropolis Company directed by Pilar Alvarez and Claudio Hoffman, tour 1012 and 2013 (Sultanate of Oman, Lebina, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany); Argentine Company of Tango by Roberto Herrera, tour Italy (July-August 2007 and 2008); "Company of Leonardo Cuello" exhibitions in the milongas of Buenos Aires "la chip" and "villa Malcom" and participation in the 3rd International Festival of tango dance theater "Cambalache" In 2007 they made Exhibitions and classes in the "6th Patagonia and Tango International Festival", held in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.