T a n g o D J

Dume France

‘Dumé’ discovers the tango one evening of August 2000 in Tarbes Festival.
This dance, present at every moment, naturally rubs the music.
Regularly he leads workshops, Milongas, festivals to enrich and test it’s fun to musicalize.
The golden age is an important part in its programming.
He draws daily in sharing with his DJ friends to customize some « Dumé ‘ tandas.
For 12 years he has been teaching tango in Tangueando Ibos.
For 3 years in his Montañas de Tango in Bagneres de Bigorre (65) his classes and internships host regularly a regional public.
His "ESQUINA" Milonga welcomes French and Foreign DJ every month the Sunday Night in Bagneres Casino.
Dominique Fauché (DJ Dumé), native of Lot and Garonne, lands of Rugby, lives in Bagneres de Bigorre in the ‘Hautes-Pyrenees’(65) and is retired for 2 years.
Dj in France : Tarbes en Tango Festival, in Pau, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Bayonne, Agen, Milonga of ‘Pic du Midi de Bigorre’ and in Spain (Bilbao, Zaragosa).